Different ways to drape a Dupatta

Every women love the wedding season, it is the most awaited time of the year when they get lots of reason to dress up. All the girls want to look stunning and unique than others. If we look at the dresses we can wear then we have options of Lehenga Choli, Salwar Kameez And famous Sarees. What makes the differance from tredtional one is style to wear it. Draping dupatta on your own marriage is a big question in the front of every bride. Dupatta of wedding dress is the style statement in itself. One can easily get charming look with this. A bride can go for the following styles to draped it which can give her awe-inspiring in her special day.


1) Punjabi Drape:

Most of the north Indian brides used to have this style. In this way women wear heavy embellished dupatta over the head and wrapped around the shoulders like a shawl style. This style is adapting the brides who are going to wear a heavy embroidered punjabi suits and lehenga choli.

2) Pakistani Drape Style:

This style is mostly popular in Pakistan. Pakistani brides usually wear this style, in the way dupatta is wear over the head and pleated from the end and draped over the waist. If the bride is going to wear the heavy embellished suit with heavy bordered dupatta then she can pleat it in the front to show all the embroidery suits work.

3) South Indian Style:

In these days this way is also called half saree style. If you want to get south india style then draped over the shoulder with opposite corner tuked in the waist from the front. If bride want to look slimmer then pleated the dupatta from the front side.

4) Gujrati Way:

In this traditional way, the dupatta is classically wear across the bride’s chest and wrapped around with kamarband to get stunning look.

5) Tie On Wrist:

This one gives royal feel and elegant look to a bride. In this style pleat the dupatta and keep it on your shoulder and take the other end and fold it around your wrist in a loop.

6) Front Flow Dupatta:

It is the classy way. To drap it, pleat it neatly and pin it at one of the shoulders, for the front part fold it up and bring it over your forearm. Although it is not a perfect option for wedding or for a bride but you can opt it for you reception.

7) Casual Style:

If your choli is heavily embroidered then choose this style. Tuck the dupatta one end at left side of waist and loose it up and take dupatta from behind your left arm over your head.

8) Double Sided Way:

This one is a best way where dupatta goes around the front as well as the back. To get this style drape the one end of dupatta and tuck it at one side of waist after that bring the free flowing part in front then fall the dupatta on your choli. Pin it correctly to one of your shoulder and then let the rest throw it over the shoulder. To get stunning look pleat the dupatta well.

9) Bengali Style:

This style is inspired by classical Bengali Saree look. If you want to hide your flaws then this style is best for you. It is also suitable for heavier women. Take one end of the dupatta and pleat well and place it correctly on right shoulder with pin. Then tuck hanging dupatta in the left side. Take the second side of dupatta and pleat it in such a way that the border is visible and place it well on left shoulder.

10) Belt It Up:

In this way drap the saree at one side and just use the designer belt to add the complement to your outfit. This style gives you slimmer look and pay attention to your waist.

11) Elbow Drape:

This one is the most easiest way that everyone can get. In this style do nothing just carry dupatta insides of your arms from behind. It looks extremely stunning when you opt it with all kinds of indian dresses.

12) Ulta-Sidha Pallu:

If you want both styles gujrati and rajasthani in one then go for this style. To get this drape dupatta in such a way that one corner is tuck at left side. Makes the pleats and let the dupatta fall over the shoulder. Take the second corner and wrap it around your waist and bring it to the left.

13) Traditional ‘V’:

This one is the most conventional way to drap dupatta. If you want this then fold the dupatta into the half and bring the fold to the centre of your neck as a perfect V and throw the ends of your dupatta over the both of shoulders. It will surely make you outstanding in special gathering.

14) One Shoulder Perfect Drape:

To get this style get the one side of dupatta and pin it correctly at one shoulder and let the dupatta flaunt to look stunning.

15) One Shoulder Drape Tied to Opposite Wrist:

If you want this style then get the dupatta at one end of shoulder then take the second end and tie it to the wrist and pin it to your bangle.

Refresh Your Mind with Songs Of Punjabi Singer

Over the years Punjabi music has gained immense popularity. With new genre of Punjabi Songs singer music has taken a new turn. When looking at the history of Punjabi songs, one can find that it’s the folk Punjabi songs and the bhangra dance, the two cultural songs that have managed to acquire enough popularity. But now Punjabi Singer has added a whole new trend and people of in this part of the world seems to be moderate enough, this is because they have easily accepted this new trend wholeheartedly. Now if someone wants to become a Punjabi singer in Canada, the skill set required for is the same like you are learning for other musical patterns.

It is always known that Punjabi songs are really energetic. Thus one willing to become a Punjabi singer in Toronto needs to have that energy and enthusiasm. These days, numerous wapking singers in Toronto and best Punjabi singers have come up with their new and amazing music. Now to know more details regarding new Punjabi singers or to get the list of top Punjabi singers you can search online.

Online mode to enjoy music of Punjabi Singer
These days you can find online numerous Punjabi singers in Toronto showing their astounding talent. Some are new singers while others are renowned. So now for your entertainment you don’t have to wonder where to go just by sitting at home you can log on online and listen to your favorite music. For people living in Canada and missing their motherland, listing to online music is the best way of entertainment. The singers come up with songs which remind you of your motherland and get you the feeling of being there.

Renowned music of Punjabi Singer
The most famous music of Punjabi’s is Bhangra. It includes several instruments to create the lively music. Some of the known instruments are drum instrument, dhol, chimta, tumbi, supp, sapera, and sarangi and so on. Nowadays Punjabi songs have are leading the music industry by storm and most of the people across the globe are now aware of the power of bhangra music. The music is so strong and enthusiastic that it makes you come alive and dance with the rhythm.
So now, to enjoy Punjabi djmaza movies music it is not necessary to be in India. From any part of the world through online music channels you can enjoy the flavor of Punjabi Singer .

Top 5 Singers who ruled over Punjabi Music Industry

It’s an undisputed fact that Punjabis can party like none can and the Punjabi music industry, as expected, lives up to the reputation. Foot tapping dance numbers to soulful ballads, Punjabi artists cover a diverse range of music in their versatile repertoire. Here is a compilation of 5 artists that took the Punjabi music industry by storm. Though today the Punjabi Music industry is ruled by some of the modern day singers, but these mentioned singers will always be remembered as the heart and soul of the Punjabi music industry.
Gurdas Mann

Gurdas Mann is one of the more tried and tested artistes of the Punjabi music industry.His Songs can be listen from www.pagalworld.com. He has been in the business since long enough to prove even to his critics that he is here to stay. Having worked with the likes of Jagjit Singh, Gurdas Mann’s versatility makes him endearing to a wide demographic. He has had the honour of performing at the Royal Albert Hall, and his song in the 2006 movie Waris Shah-Ishq Da Waaris was sent to the Academy Awards as India’s official entry. Other movies he has worked for include Veer Zara.
Jaspinder Narula

This lady has broken past regional barriers and made herself a formidable force even in the ruthless industry that is World Best Bollywood Movies 2016. She sang devotional songs early in her career and made the switch to popular, commercial music only a lot later. Her major break came in 1998 with the title track of the movie Pyar Toh Hona Hi Tha. She went on to sing for other big banners such as Mission Kashmir, Mohabbatein, Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani and Bunty Aur Babli later on.
Daler Mehndi

Every 90s kid must have danced to a Daler Mehndi song at a party or at a concert at least once. Daler Mehndi dominated the music scene with his peppy tunes. Energetic lyrics, quick beats; it was impossible to hold still while his songs blared from the speakers. Bolo Ta Ra Ra, Dardi Rab Ra, Tunak Tunak Tumba, Ho Jayegi Balle Balle are some of his most well-known songs, and it wouldn’t be surprising to find it played at cultural events even now, two decades later.
Hans Raj Hans

The reputed Sufi and folk singer was quite the style icon back in the day with his lush golden curls. The Padma Shri award recipient is also well versed in classical as well devotional music. He is often accredited with taking classic Punjabi music to the global stage. His fusion of folk with classical has made him popular with fans and critics alike. He has also worked with greatly revered artists such as the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.
Punjabi Music has now become one of the major and important parts of Bollywood music industry today. It can be said that these amazing singers have helped Punjabi music genre to a height that is too high and respected. These singers have provided some of the most amazing and unforgettable songs that people cherish even today.

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